Custom design and build for high-end eco properties

Although the focus of the MAKAR home offer is now more on a range of seven main designs, we’re still very much able to offer custom design and build projects. These are typically more high-end and therefore will demand a higher budget, and can be delivered as wind and watertight or turn-key. 

The basis of the wind and watertight offer is that you get the full MAKAR package of expertly made n‑SIPs (natural structural insulated panels) and other components which get the building to a point it is completed externally, and having been fully assembled by us on your site in around 5 days. This then leaves you to take your custom design SIP house kit to a fully completed self-build project.

For turn-key, as our expertise is much more on the design, manufacture and assembly of the home’s structure, we do not get involved in the full fitting out of the property. However, we work with a number of specialist businesses which we’re able to hand the project over to ensure it is completed to the highest of standards and ready for you to move into.

Work with us at the earliest possible stage of your SIP house kit project 

If you already have a design for a new home drawn up, it’s possible that you can still benefit from the MAKAR healthy-specification SIP house kit system – the key is in early-stage collaboration with our specialist team and ideally before planning permission is applied for. This is because the nature of our homes and specifically the use of off-site n‑SIPs (natural structural insulated panels), means that it’s not always feasible for us to provide a quotation for a standard kit home design.

Completed n-SIPs for a kit home ready to transport to site
Completed n‑SIPs for a kit home ready to transport to site

MAKAR and our Kit houses Scotland 

Our kit homes in Scotland appeal to likeminded people who are interested in breathing construction’ and the use of healthy, local materials. Although there are several kit house suppliers in Scotland offering​‘off-site SIPs’, our system is based only on natural insulation and Scottish-grown timber, offering a truly healthy, sustainable way of building. In this respect, our product is far more in-line with achieving net-zero carbon housing than any other, with this point increasingly relevant in the context of the climate emergency. 

Where we offer our self build eco kit homes 

Unlike our custom build offer which is largely focused in the north of Scotland, we can supply and erect our eco kit homes for self build projects in most areas of the UK. This is because we’re typically just five days on site for the assembly of the wind and watertight structure, with all the manufacture of the n‑SIPS and other components having been carried out in our facility near Inverness and then trucked to your site. 

n-SIPs and other components for an eco kit house being loaded for transport
n‑SIPs and other components for an eco kit house being loaded for transport

Eco kit homes to Passivhaus standard

The technology and expertise that goes into our eco kit homes, means that we can deliver them to Passive House standard if required. This is achieved through both the meticulous detail we apply to construction in our workshop, and the quality of assembly on site. 

Contacts us about self build eco kit homes

Please contact us if you’re interested in us designing your self build eco kit home, or we can evaluate your existing design against the MAKAR self-build eco house criteria – and please get in touch as early as possible if you’ve already commissioned a design.

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