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We are the leading company in the UK for ecological design and build using off-site construction.

MAKAR Ltd is an architect-led design, manufacture and construction company, established in 2002. We exist to design and deliver healthy, comfortable, beautiful and low-energy homes. We only use environmentally friendly building materials, including Scottish-grown timber. We work across the UK though mainly in Scotland, and have delivered over 200 homes and other types of building over the past 20 years.

We use innovative off-site construction methods, which, given the significant and tangible environmental benefits, are now widely recognised as the future of new housing.

Healthy homes for a healthier environment

We build healthy homes by using natural building materials that enable the home to breathe. We source local, sustainable materials, strengthening our local economy, with Scottish timber being a relatively abundant yet under-utilised renewable resource. The materials and methods we use make a positive impact on the environment over the lifespan of the building.

Our approach

Our design team take you through the design stages, including the Planning and Building Warrant consents. Once the project is underway, your home is carefully manufactured in our Inverness workshop, with a selected groundworks team then on site installing the foundations and services. Your house is assembled by our team as a series of panel subassemblies, resulting in a wind and watertight externally complete shell in around 5 weeks. Getting this fabric-first aspect of any house right is fundamental to the long term success of any home. When assembled, we would either hand the project over to you so it can be fitted out to a point of completion, or pass it over to a specialist partner business which would project manage the remaining work on your behalf. 

We aim to make the whole process as easy and pain-free for our customers as possible

The result of this integrated approach is a customer-focussed business, which can provide certainty over design quality, workmanship, programme and costs. Importantly for our customers, this means that a good number of the unknowns associated with self-build are removed.

Delivering eco homes across Scotland and beyond 

We build our eco homes right across Scotland and further afield in England and even the Isle of Man. 

I wanted a timber building with good eco-credentials, and I didn’t want to import a kit; why buy from down south if you can get it here? If you choose something Scandinavian, that might benefit a local delivery driver, but if it’s made locally there are a lot more benefits to the area. The more local you can get something the better!

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