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The MAKAR way represents the future of housing

Our unique healthy off-site construction method uses natural and local materials to create beautiful healthy homes. This is increasingly recognised as the way forward for construction in our changing world. Indeed, long before the world awoke to the reality of climate change and the need for people to change their outlook as consumers, we forged ahead with our innovative approach – hence why we’re now a market leader in delivering true eco homes.

Net zero carbon housing is the only way forward

The construction of a building involves embodied carbon and operational carbon. Embodied carbon refers to the carbon dioxide which is released during the sourcing, manufacture and transport of materials. Operational carbon, as the term suggests, is about the level of carbon dioxide released during the life of the building – e.g. through heating and lighting etc.

Net zero carbon is about balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal – or simply eliminating carbon emissions altogether.

It’s now widely recognised that the only plausible way to deliver net zero carbon housing is through the use of timber-based systems – which is what we deliver at MAKAR. No alternative construction types can meet this net zero carbon requirement.

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We take care of every aspect of your new environmentally-friendly house 

MAKAR’s complete design and build turn-key service gives our customers certainty over the quality, cost and workmanship of their new build project. We provide a single point of contact who will manage your project from the early design discussions, through the planning and building warrant processes, the manufacture of your home, throughout the construction on-site, to the handover of the keys to your new property.

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