Staff holder

Maitri Tisch


Maitri is a fully trained architect with 15 years post Part 3 Architects Registration Board experience. She has worked with Neil and the MAKAR team, and on a freelance basis for the last 20 years. She is a member of the RIAS and SEDA.

After studying and working in Austria in the 1990's, Maitri specialised in Ecological Design. She is passionate about the need to face the big challenges of our time with awareness, confidence, intelligence and compassion. She has long advocated that ecological building is not simply a careful choice of materials and a design which results in low energy consumption; it is the integration of architecture with place in a way which enlivens appreciation for life. She is a practising Buddhist, and loves the integrated, team-based approach which MAKAR has developed to create quality places. In the last few years, she has helped prepare Masterplans for:

the next phase of development at The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn, comprising residential, craft and community facilities, a new Buddhist retreat centre in the Highlands, and the diversification of an existing golf course to include 20 dwellings and an array of tourist accommodation.